Pet Hospice: A Difficult Choice at a Difficult Time

dog getting laser therapyWhen we first meet our new furry family members as young puppies or kittens, it is usually a happy and joyous time filled with smiles and laughter. As time moves on, we then watch them grow into adults with their own personalities and quirky behaviors. Too soon it seems, we are following our pets into their geriatric years with some expected and unexpected changes in health and lifestyle as they age. No matter what the age is of our family pets when it comes time to say goodbye, we always grieve the loss and wish for more time.

The Hospice Philosophy

A concept or way of thinking that has been well accepted in human medicine is the philosophy of hospice care for the patient with terminal or end of life issues. This patient centered ideology of switching from treating illness to focusing on comfort and pain relief has become more mainstream in the veterinary community over the past few years. Once we reach a point where medical intervention is not going to change a declining outcome, pet hospice can help provide increased quality to the time an animal has left with their family. Continue…