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When your pet isn’t feeling well, he or she can’t tell us why. Thankfully, Haven Lake Animal Hospital knows just what to look for. Our facility is equipped with the cutting-edge technology needed to diagnose your pet’s symptoms, which allows us to better understand the scope of your pet’s illness and begin the proper treatment.

Haven Lake Animal Hospital’s diagnostic services include endoscopy, digital radiology (x-rays), ultrasound, and an in-house laboratory, all of which allow us to provide optimal care for your pet when he or she needs it most.

  • Endoscopy—Veterinary endoscopy is virtually identical to the technology used in human care and is used in much the same way. This minimally invasive procedure allows your veterinarian to look within your pet to view inside your pet’s respiratory or gastro intestinal tract, to collect tissue samples for biopsy, and to remove some foreign obstructions. Typically this procedure is ordered when routine blood and urine tests, digital x-rays, and ultrasounds have not given the complete picture of your pet’s condition. General anesthesia is required to keep your pet still throughout the procedure.
  • Digital radiology—More commonly known as a digital x-ray, this invaluable diagnostic tool has become a staple of veterinary care, allowing your veterinarian to properly evaluate a variety of skeletal and soft tissue conditions. Digital x-rays use a very low dose of radiation, which is completely safe for your pet, and typically does not require anesthetic.
  • Ultrasound—This type of diagnostic technology makes use of sound waves (as opposed to radiation) and allows your veterinarian to see real-time images of your pet’s internal organs and assess function or disease. This type of diagnostic testing is pain free and highly effective.
  • In-house laboratory—Frequently, the most effective means of diagnosing your pet’s condition is analyzing his or her blood, urine, or tissue samples. Our in-house lab is most often used in general health screenings, pre-anesthetic evaluations, diagnostic screenings for a range of conditions, and evaluating the success of a treatment as it progresses.
  • Expanded laboratory services—We offer an expanded laboratory diagnostic service through the use of a variety of outside laboratories. These facilities allow us to accurately diagnose and manage many conditions from adrenal disease to the allergic pet.

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Should you have any questions regarding the diagnostic services provided by Haven Lake Animal Hospital, please do not hesitate to call us. 



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