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February 13, 2015 by Haven Lake Staff

A Little Training Can Lead To More Freedom For Your Rabbit

Training your rabbit to use a litter box is easier than you may think.  They naturally prefer to have a specific location for elimination, so if you work with them, you can allow them some freedom around the house.

Pick a Safe Litter

It is important to choose a safe litter since rabbits will likely eat it.  Avoid clumping litter, pine or cedar shavings, and clay litter with deodorant crystals.  Instead use hay, straw, pelleted food, non clumping unscented cat litter, peat moss, aspen bark, or other non toxic non clumping litters.

If you keep your rabbit in a large cage, you can observe where he/she eliminates and place a litter box there.  This will work most of the time for a confined rabbit.

If Your Rabbit has Access to Roam in the House, Even Part of the Time, Follow These Steps:

*When you first bring your rabbit home, confine it to the general area you want it to eliminate.  This are can be its cage, a specific room, or some other area.

*As soon as your rabbit picks a specific location in the area to eliminate place a litter box there.

*If your rabbit does not use the litter box, try a different litter in the box.  They may have preferences.

*Once your rabbit has learned the litter box is its toilet, it may move it to different locations.  You can clamp or tie the box if this is undesirable for you.  Otherwise, let your rabbit put the box where it wants.

*You will need multiple boxes spread throughout the house if you want your rabbit to have access to a large area of the house.

Training May Lead to a Closer Relationship with Your Rabbit

It is normal for rabbits to leave the fecal matter lying on top of the litter.  In addition, rabbits may spend a lot of time in their litter boxes, just lying or sitting.

I hope you try to train your rabbit to the litter box.  The more time you spend with your rabbit the more interactive and animated they will become. They make wonderful pets.