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Therapy Pool

We have an incredible therapy pool at Haven Lake Animal Hospital. Our heated pool provides excellent non weight bearing rehabilitation and conditioning.

Neurological dogs that have very poor or non weight bearing issues often will use their limbs well in the pool. The therapy pool facilitates a cessation of muscle atrophy and promotes muscle building. The increased joint range of motion that swimming provides also increases joint health.

Small breeds will occasionally not use our Underwater Treadmill for rehabilitation. They find it just as easy to spin in circle while in the treadmill as it is to walk forward. These pets will easily learn to swim for their therapy.

Older or overweight dogs will find exercises to be easier if they are non weight bearing. Many of our “gym membership” clients are older retrievers that not only need to get out of their sedentary lives, but they love the water!

Cat in Therapy Pool

Please call and speak to one of our rehab team about available rehabilitation or conditioning packages.

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Therapy Pool

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