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As your pet grows older, his or her health—and health care—begins to change. At Haven Lake Animal Hospital, we can help you and your pet adjust to those changes and are prepared to meet the needs of your aging pet.

Today’s pets are living longer than ever before, largely in part to the advances in veterinary medicine. However, a longer lifespan also means an increase in the types of health concerns your pet may encounter. Some common conditions faced by aging companion animals are:

  • Kidney, heart, and liver disease
  • Hormone disorders, such as diabetes and thyroid conditions
  • Cancers

Senior Dog

When facing these types of changes in your pet’s health, it is important to have a veterinarian you trust, and that is why Haven Lake Animal Hospital is here. With more than 13 years of quality veterinary care in the Milford, Dover, Milton, Lewes, and Rehoboth areas, we have the experience and know-how to treat these conditions and help you get the most out of your beloved pet throughout his or her golden years.

As your pet ages, you may begin to notice certain signs that your pet is feeling his or her age. These signs may be symptomatic of a larger issue and, if detected, are good reasons to contact us for an appointment. Those symptoms are:

  • Decreased mobility
  • Irritability, especially over being touched in certain areas
  • Changes in appetite and water consumption
  • Changes in your pet's sleep patterns
  • Noticeable changes in hearing and vision
  • Lack of interest in favorite activities or toys

Regardless if your pet is showing signs of his or her age or not, it is important to bring your pet in for routine wellness exams at least twice a year. By doing so, you increase the chances of detecting a potentially serious health issue before it becomes severe.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. The staff at Haven Lake Animal Hospital looks forward to meeting your new addition and becoming your trusted source for lifelong veterinary care.



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